This Guy Has Beaten Dark Souls Using Only His Voice As A Controller


If you thought Dark Souls was hard with a controlloer, try playing the game using only your voice. Yeah, nah.

Luckily nobody ever has to do it now, because one intrepid verbaliser has done it for us! Hardcore Dark Souls fan (see also: lunatic) bearzly decided to take it upon himself, and beat the entire game with the strange technique. This isn’t the first time bearzly has beaten the game in a weird and wonderful way either; he’s previously used guitar and drum controllers from Rock Band, as well as Donkey Konga’s bongo set. Because reasons.

Speaking on reddit, bearzly said:

After finishing Dark Souls with a bunch of Rock Band controllers, it was about time to drop the physical controllers and play the game with 0 hands and a microphone. This run was suggested to me many times and I never knew if it would be possible, but after someone showed me a program that did the hard work of voice recognition for me I had to give it a shot.

There is a 1.5 second delay between verbalising the command, and the character doing it on screen, forcing a considerable amount of forward planning, something that’s already ridiculously difficult on the rock-hard Dark Souls.

Finishing the game took him 30 hours and a pretty reasonable 485 deaths. Took me more than that to get out of the Northern Undead Asylum…