This Guy Let Autocorrect Name His Pokemon And It’s Hilarious


Catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO allows you to choose a nickname for your new pet, which presents you with a galaxy of wonderful options.

If you don’t want to keep your monsters birth name you could, for example, name all of them after slang words for penis. Others might use the opportunity to pay tribute to friends and family.

But some people realise that thinking is for suckers. As such, a Redditor by the name of dillonfbecker has decided to let Autocorrect name their Pokemon. The incredible results are below.

Here’s what some fellow Redditors made of the post…

On Bulb Assured:

And Zyban:
While Gast Lyfe seems to have inspired one user:

Personally, Verona the tickled me for reasons I really can’t explain, while eeeeeeheehheh also raised a chuckle.

The clear winner though, is Gast Lyfe, for in this instance, the Gast Lyfe did indeed choose us.