This Guy Spent Three Years Trying To Beat Every NES Game


We all have dreams and goals – it’s part of being alive, after all. Piotr Kusielczuk’s dream is to beat every single NES game – and he’s nearly bloody done it.  

Kusielczuk set about his ambitious quest back in 2014, and hundreds and hundreds of hours later, his journey will finally come to an end on Sunday, with the excellent Super Mario Bros 3.

To put this achievement into perspective, there are over 700 NES games out there in the wild, and Kusielczuk has nearly played through them all, streaming his adventures on his Twitch channel, The Mexican Runner.

Starting on May 28, 2014, our heroes list included all 679 North American NES releases, as well as 35 PAL-exclusives, to make an eye-watering 714 titles of vastly varying quality and difficulty.

Seriously, the dude has beaten some rock-hard gems such as Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Zelda II, and Mega Man 2 – that’s impressive stuff.

In one instance, Kusielczuk spent 91 hours with Miracle Piano Teaching System – a NES piano simulator that he would only consider ‘beaten’ once he had learned piano. Proof of his commitment, I think.

The longtime speedrunner revealed to Kotaku in an email that the idea to beat every NES game only came about because a friend joked he should try it.

Three years later, and it’s clear that Kusielczuk took his mate’s suggestion to heart, and on February 26, he’s set to complete what I honestly think might be the greatest gaming achievement of all time – you can keep your Dark Souls speedruns and blindfolded Mario playthroughs.

Kusielczuk said of his quest:

It never crossed my mind to give up, but some of the games were really long to beat like the Bases Loaded games that have seasons of 72 games around and there were 4 on the NES. But I was always thinking to myself that I was aiming for a bigger goal which was beat them all and become the first person in the world to do it. So that helped me a lot to keep myself motivated.

You can watch some of the highlights on his YouTube channel here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can never look at a NES again after Sunday.