This Half-Life/ Hotline Miami Mashup Might Be The Best Thing Ever


The eternal wait for Half-Life 3 is a painful hell we all endure, but this awesome mashup game known as Half-Line Miami might just fill a small piece of that void.

If the wait for Half-Life 3 has been killing you softly with its [lack of] words, then Half-Line Miami is surely the next best thing. Taking the best of Half-Life 2 and the best of Hotline Miami, Half-Line smushes them together into some kind of 80s, gravity gun fever dream.

Developed by half-man half-genius Thomas Kole, Half-Line Miami is completely free to download and play. Featuring eight levels – one for each level in Half-Life 2 – the game also comes with a level creator for those who have the time and patience.

If you’ve got the 80s bug thanks to the awesome track in the video, check out the artist Sung who have a ton more synth-tastic tunes.