This Is What Resident Evil 1 Looks Like In First-Person


The original Resident Evil will, for many, probably remain one of the scariest and most gripping adventures of all time.

So, with Resident Evil 7 bringing the classic zombie slayin’ franchise into first-person, it was only a matter of time before someone came forward and showed us all what the original would like if given the same treatment.

Thanks to the sterling work of modder and YouTuber Rod Lima, we now know what a first-person Resi 1 would look like, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Lima managed to uncover specific animation data for the HD remake of the PlayStation classic, then did a bit of clever scripting that essentially transforms it into a first-person game.

This is the second video he’s released showing off the mod (the first is here), but unfortunately it would seem that he’s not planning on making the mod public, or seeing it through to the very end.

Still, if we’re all very lucky, either another modder will decide to embark on the huge task of converting the whole game to first-person, or (and this is less likely), Capcom will do it themselves at some point.

Of course, if you’re after a fix of Resident Evil horror in first-person, you could do a hell of lot worse than 7. Check out our review of the new game above.