This Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Trevor From GTA V

by : Mark Foster on : 08 Dec 2015 13:43

You can do some pretty incredible stuff with makeup these days, and apparently, one of those things is painting your face to look just like the psychopathic Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V. Because why not?


YouTube makeup blogger SammyLovesFossas decided to put together the clip showing the cool transformation from normal to Trevor in three minutes flat, proving that you too can get that dirty, homeless look that’s super in this season.

This one would be an absolute slayer at fancy dress parties, and you’d scare the living shit out of anybody you came across.

Remember though kids, just because you look like Trevor, doesn’t mean you have to act like him. Trevor’s kind of a dick and doesn’t have many friends. You’re better than that.

Mark Foster

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