This Man Has Spent Over $4,000 On No Man’s Sky

by : Ewan Moore on : 14 Mar 2017 10:55
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No Man’s Sky is not a game many people would admit to having enjoyed, given the alarming wave of venom the sandbox exploration game was met with on launch. 


Blake Patterson doesn’t seem to be one of those people though. Not only has he admitted in an excellent piece on Polygon that he loves Hello Games controversial title, but he also reveals that he’s sunk around $4,000 into the game.

Blake explains that he first started playing No Man’s Sky on his trusty PlayStation 4, though like most people, after several hours with it he realised he needed more from the game.

He writes:


My PlayStation 4 was in my den entertainment center with a few other consoles, tied to the wall-mounted screen. I wanted to get as deep into the experience as I could after the first few days, so I pulled one of my Mac’s displays off the desk to clear a space in the basement computer room, bought a 32-inch curved 1920-by-1080 display, and plopped it and the PS4 down next to the Mac and started playing.

While he got a lot out of this setup, Blake still wasn’t quite certain he had everything he needed, so he decided to build a gaming PC – pretty much just to play No Man’s Sky. Seriously.

He continued:

What I was after was a locked 60fps or greater frame rate, and adjustable field of view since the PS4 version is locked at 75 degrees, the potential for a higher resolution display and the option of using mods. While I’ve built a good number of PCs for myself and friends over the years, it had actually been a long 18 years since I’d done it last. I spent a few days learning what I needed to know about the latest PC hardware and got to work.

Blake started to put together a Skylake Core i7-6700K PC around an ASUS Z170-Pro board, with a factory overclocked Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, solid state drives and 16GB of RAM, a beast of a rig that gave him the locked frame rate and field of view he wanted.

On top of this costly behemoth of a PC, Blake also started to buy various bits and pieces of No Man’s Sky merch, including shorts, toys, and even the Explorer’s Edition box set.

Of course, Blake hadn’t quite yet spent enough on the game, so he decided to swap out his 1080p Samsung monitor with a 32-inch, 75Hz ASUS 2560-by-1440 display, helping him get 75 percent more pixels on screen.


All told, Blake ended up sinking $4,373 into the game, the tools for a new rig, and various merch. The reason he shared this story, he reveals, is that he thinks there’s way more going on in No Man’s Sky than a lot of us who wrote it off might have realised.

Whatever the case, Blake thinks it’s an incredible game, and his dedication to it is a nice testament to the work Hello Games put in. You should read his full piece over on Polygon. 

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