This Metal Gear Solid Radio Show Form The 1990s Has Been Translated Into English


Back in 1998, Konami and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting teamed up to record 12 episodes of a Metal Gear Solid radio drama that only aired in Japan. Now, intrepid mega-fan Josh Griffiths has found the archive footage, and translated the original scripts into English.

Sadly, Metal Gear Griffiths couldn’t get the original voice actors form the game, but the cast do a pretty decent job of hamming it up 90s style. The cast are: Cliff Thompson (Solid Snake), Jimmy Cooper (Colonel Campbell) and Kristyn Mass (Meryl Silverbergh).


Directed by Shuyo Murata – who would go on to co-direct Metal Gear Solid 4 – and co-written by the MGS military advisor Motosada Mori, the series is not considered canon, and takes place in an alternate reality where Snake continues working for the US Government after Shadow Moses.

Unfortunately, only the first eight-minute episode is currently available on the net – which has Solid Snake investigating a downed United Nations airplane – but Griffiths does plan to roll out the entire series.