This Portable Steam Machine Now Has A Price And Release Date

by : Mark Foster on : 11 Aug 2015 10:28

Ever wanted to take your Steam library on the road with you? Well now you can, and for a pretty reasonable price.


The portable Steam Machine – a.k.a The Smach Zero – has been given a bizarrely realistic retail value of $299, and will go on sale as early as November 10th. It won’t actually be shipping until late next year though (November-December) and the price only applies to pre-orders of the device, so if you fancy it better get buying now.

Originally known as the Steamboy, The Smach Zero has been in development for some time, and will release the same day as other Steam capable machines made by the likes of Alienware and Cyberpower. The device claims to be the first handheld console to play Steam games on the go and will have more than 1,000 titles ready to play on day one.

The Smach Zero will have two touch pads (in homage to Steam’s own controller), a control stick and seven button on the front and rear.


Smach announced these tech specs back in June:

– AMD embedded G-Series SoC “Steppe Eagle” with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics

-4 GB RAM memory

-32GB internal memory and SD Card Slot


-5-inch Touch screen with 720p resolution

-Configurable tactile gamepads

-HDMI video output connection


-Wi-Fi connectivity

-Bluetooth connectivity

-4G mobile network connectivity (PRO model only)

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