This Real Life Final Fantasy Wedding Service Is A Fans’ Dream

Square Enix/Bridal Hearts

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Final Fantasy XIV themed wedding and have somehow miraculously found a partner who’s okay with that, then it’s looking like we might have just the service for you.

Publisher Square Enix has teamed up with a company called Bridal Hearts in Japan to launch a  shiny new kind of wedding service specifically designed to cater to fans of Final Fantasy MMORPG.

Square Enix

Rather than simply offer a wedding ceremony that looks like it could come straight out of Final Fantasy, the new service is actually based on the in-game weddings, called Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding, and comes complete with officially licensed outfits, props, and weapons so you can take the best photos on your special day.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ceremony itself is a beat for beat reenactment of how it is in Final Fantasy XIV, with screens playing out scenes from the game behind the happy couple, and music from the game playing as you wed the love of your life.

The first couple to get married via this new service were picked from a lottery of 247 couples, which seems like a massive missed opportunity to just hold some kind of Final Fantasy themed couple battle royale to be honest, but whatever.

The ceremony took place on February 14th in Kobe, Japan, and the bride and groom cut the cake with a replica Curtana Nexus. That’s a sword, if you hadn’t already guessed.

Bridal Hearts

If you fancy reserving a ceremony for you, your future spouse, and up to 70 of your nearest and dearest, you’ll need $31,000 to hand. If you’re still set on it though, you can find out more at the official Bridal Hearts site here.

To be fair, I think that price does include the absolutely massive cake, so money well spent imo.