This ‘Real Life’ Star Wars Battlefront Mod Looks Absolutely Stunning


If there’s one thing people can’t complain about in Star Wars Battlefront, it’s the beautiful graphics. So making these graphics even beautiful-er, is a job very well done.

A few weeks back, a modder by the name of Martin Bergman released some images of a project he was working on to beef up Battlefront‘s graphics to near realistic status. Now, video footage of the mod has surfaced in full 4k, 60fps glory. Hummina.

Uploaded by YouTuber JackFrags, the video is an absolute peach to watch, and really does look realistic to the Star Wars universe – something Battlefront was pretty hot on anyway.

The SweetFX Real Life mod Bergman has created was also used on GTA V to make that look near realistic, and shares a lot of his work through his Toddyhancer Facebook page.