This RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Will Take You 12 Years To Complete

Chris Sawyer Productions

Being stuck on a rollercoaster for 12 years since less like a fun day out at the fair and more like a prison sentence designed specifically for an angry clown who stabbed a man in the face. 

Still, if the idea of riding the rails for over a decade sounds good to you, then this track in the excellent RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 takes 12 years to finish. That’s 12 real time years, and 30 million in-game days just so we’re on the same page.


This bizarre form of punishment (for it can’t be anything else) was designed by YouTuber Marcel Vos (via PCGamesN). You won’t be surprised to learn that this 12 year thrill ride is the longest coaster ever made in-game, or anywhere else I’d imagine.

Incredibly, the previous record was also held by Vos, though his last effort only took 232 days to complete, which is a far cry from the 4,380 days his latest ride offers.

You can check out the video below to get a better understanding of exactly how this 12 year monster was actually put together, as Vos combined a number of different techniques and features to draw the ride out to such ridiculous lengths.

I can’t be sure, but I think Vos might be an evil genius. As if it wasn’t already bad enough, the YouTube video has already been hit with a ton of comments explaining new techniques that could make the ride even longer.

God help us all.