This Stranger Things Adventure Game Tribute Is Amazing


If you’ve yet to watch the brilliant 80’s themed sci-fi horror series Stranger Things on Netflix, you need to go devour all eight episodes before we can go any further. I’ll wait. 

Done? Great. It was pretty awesome, right? Seriously, you better have seen it, because otherwise there are gonna be a few minor spoilers coming your way in this article – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway, the team over at Infamous Quests recently put together a great 80’s style point and click adventure game tribute to Stranger Things, which is obviously perfect for a show that’s basically a love letter to the works of Stephen King.

At the moment, the game is heartbreakingly short. It depicts a single scene from the show in which Chief Hopper, aided by officers Powell and Callahan and the lovely Mr. Clarke search the woods for poor old Will Byers.

It plays exactly as you would expect it too. The point and click genre is clearly the best fit for a show like Stranger Things, and Infamous Quests need to adapt the whole series before I explode, because it’s fucking brilliant.

If you can handle but a tantalisingly small taste of awesome, you can download the demo from here. I guess I’ll take what I can get while we wait for season two.