Titanfall 2 Devs Make Bold Claims About Upcoming Game


The original Titanfall launched back in 2014, and while it didn’t exactly move the Earth, it was a pretty cool title, more than worthy of a sequel. 

Thankfully, developer Respawn Entertainment are back for another go with Titanfall 2. It’s set to be bigger and better – and judging by a few recent Tweets, Respawn are very confident indeed.

Naturally, we’ll be seeing a load more of Titanfall 2 on June 12, during EA’s E3 EA Play event, and apparently it’s not something we’ll want to miss.

Going so far as to say they’ll steal the show is certainly a bold claim, whether they’re referring to E3 as a whole or simply the EA Play event.

Fans of the original Titanfall will also be glad to hear that agile movements will still play a key part in the upcoming sequel, as you can see below.

The chaps over at Respawn aren’t the only ones who are confident that Titanfall 2 will deliver the goods though. Back in January, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that he’d seen Titanfall 2 in action, and that it’s “looking fantastic”.

All we have of the game so far is a very brief teaser trailer that doesn’t really give anything away in terms of gameplay or story. Clearly the good stuff is being held back for June 12.

We don’t have a specific release date for Titanfall 2 just yet, but reports suggest that it’s coming by the end of March 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.