Titanfall 2 To Receive Big Changes Following Negative Fan Reception


Titanfall 2 open beta recently went live, and the feedback from fans has been less than ideal, with one Redditor brilliantly proclaiming that Titanfall has ‘shit the bed’ as a franchise. 

One post on the game’s Reddit page is titled ‘Titanfall 2 Feels Like a Game Designed by People Who Hated the Original’, which is perhaps not the result developer Respawn were hoping for.

It seems the majority of unrest stems from the new – arguably more accessible – direction that the team is (or was) attempting to take Titanall 2 in.

For example, the frenetic pace of the original has been adjusted to make firefights a little easier to follow, while the giant mechanical Titan suits are now given to players who play the objective, whereas before they were dished out on a timer.

Titans are also arguably a little less powerful than they were before, as a new health system allows the human Pilots to steal batteries from opposing Titans, lowering its energy, and aiding an ally Titan in the process.

Respawn quickly addressed the wave of negativity in a post on the official Titanfall 2 website. Wall running and air speed are once more being amped up, while a timer system of sorts is being put back in place to acquire a Titan – though playing the objective is still the quicker way to get one.

Respawn wrote:

Over this past weekend, we’ve heard a lot of passionate feedback from Titanfall fans. Even though the Tech Test build is a couple months old, we learned some valuable things based on your feedback. Some of these changes have already been addressed and will be updated for weekend two of the tech test, with other changes making it into the final game.

Fans concerned about the relatively dull nature of the map shown in the beta can also rest easy, as Respawn assured fans that there will be a variety of maps that showcase different kinds of gameplay and tactics.

To help evidence this, a new map called  Forwardbase Kodai, will soon be available for play in the beta. We can also expect a few small tweaks to Titan mobility and the game’s HUD.

Titanfall 2 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28.