Titanfall 2 Was Just Absolutely Annihilated By Speedrunner

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Jun 2019 16:01
Titanfall 2 Was Just Absolutely Annihilated By SpeedrunnerTitanfall 2 Was Just Absolutely Annihilated By SpeedrunnerEA

Summers Games Done Quick is back, and doing what it does best – raising money for a fantastic cause (Doctors Without Borders), and giving us some of the most blisteringly impressive speedruns I’ve ever seen. 


One of the best runs from this year’s shenanigans is a blazingly-rapid tear through Respawn’s massively-underrated Titanfall 2, courtesy of speedrunner Bryonato (via PCGamer).Watching him string together all kinds of sick parkour tricks and advanced speedrunning techniques as he glides through the entire game in under an hour and a half is nothing short of mesmerising.

Do you wanna see it? Of course you bloody do. Check it out below.

Titanfall 2 isn’t exactly a slow game by any means, but Bryonato manages to make it look as if we’re watching everything on double speed, as he shoots down corridors and manipulates the game’s physics in order to overcome certain speed caps and maintain momentum. The fluidity with which he moves is just… something else.


This any% run might be on easy difficulty, but that doesn’t make Bryonato’s execution any less majestic. The sheer hand-eye coordination that must be required to perform some of the glitches and tricks he manages truly boggles the mind. The fact he does this while calmly explaining during the stream exactly what he’s doing is phenomenal, I’d be straining so hard to concentrate that I’d very likely soil myself.

While the majority of actual combat is skipped right past thanks to boundary breaks or simply speeding straight through any enemies (this is a speedrun, after all), whenever Bryonato does stop to deal with opponents, he makes it look ridiculously easy.

Summer Games Done Quick runs until June 29 and has already raised more than $750,000 for Doctors Without Borders. If you wanna get involved in the fun, head on over to their site, because there’s all kinds of great runs still to come. Speedruns and charity. Only the crustiest of curmudgeons could find fault with that.

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