Title For Next Call Of Duty Leaks On PlayStation Store

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Apr 2016 09:38
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It looks like Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty has a name. According to an accidental listing on the PlayStation Store, it’s called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. 


The name was first spotted by a Reddit user (and then verified by GameSpot). Heading to the trending section of the PlayStation Store on PS4, revealed the listing pictured below. Apparently, trying to select the game would take you to a blank page, but it seems the cat is now out of the bag.


We’ve still had no official word from Activision regarding the next Call of Duty, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours from flying every which way.

Reports surfaced in March that suggested the new game would be a full on sci-fi shooter set in space, and the name Infinite Warfare certainly seems to suggest some kind of futuristic vibe, right? Or maybe it’s just a comment on the endless, cyclical nature of the Call of Duty games.


Previous games (like Black Ops 3) have dabbled in the near future, but by all accounts it would seem Activision and Infinity Ward are going the whole way this time and taking us to some far flung future world.

Infinity Ward were previously responsible for what many consider to be both the best and worst of the franchise. They developed the incredible Modern Warfare, while their last Call of Duty effort was the disappointing Ghosts.

Can going even further down the futuristic sci-fi rabbit hole help get the franchise back on track? Going by literally everything I’ve seen and heard from fans, I’d say definitely not.

It’s also worth noting that another leak has pointed to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, along with a November 4 2016 release date. Take a look at the image (spotted by this Reddit user) below.


Observant fans will also notice that the game seems to come with a download for a remastered version of Modern Warfare. The plot thickens.

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