Today Is The Worst Day To Buy A PS4 As Price Cut Inbound

by : Mark Foster on : 20 Oct 2015 11:04

You’re going to be kicking yourself if you just paid top dollar for a PS4, as leaked promo material seems to suggest that a £50 price cut is coming to the console tomorrow.


According to the Independent, the price cut is set to come into effect across Europe from the 21 October after months and months of cash-strapped gamers waiting for the news. The leak comes from brochures and posters leaked on twitter by AllGamesBeta.

The French and Dutch promo material states that a €50 price cut is coming, and is expected to be around £50 in the UK. The cut will see the price of a 1TB bundle fall from £350 to £300, and the standard 500GB console fall from £300 to £250.


Sony announced a price cut for the Japanese market at the Tokyo Games Show on September 15 and a US price cut came into effect on October 8, so a European cut was largely expected.

Mark Foster

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