Tons Of Battlefield 1 Info Revealed Through Data-Mine

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We probably should have seen this coming – Battlefield 1 is currently going through a closed alpha, which has now been data-mined in a massive way. 

Seriously, this article will contain spoilers galore. It seems like almost every major detail about DICE’s WWI shooter has come out, so if you want to go into the game fresh, look away.

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All credit to Redditor Lobix300, who has put together a comprehensive list of everything that has been found through the data-mine. It looks like we’ll be getting 10 multiplayer maps (at launch) and what looks like seven game modes.

We already knew about a few maps and modes, but it’s looking like classics such as Conquest and Rush will be joined by (what sounds like) new modes, Possession and Breakthrough.

I should point out that Battlefield 4 launched with 10 maps, so there’s a clear precedent for that. Take a look at the file names below for a hint of what to expect.

  • MP_Amiens
  • MP_Chateau
  • MP_Desert
  • MP_FaoFortress
  • MP_Forest
  • MP_Argonne
  • MP_ItalianCoast
  • MP_MountainFort
  • MP_Scar
  • MP_Suez


As for the campaign, it seems like it’ll be split across six episodes, which are in turn split into individual chapters. Presumably these episodes will focus on separate characters from around the world.

DICE previously promised a diverse campaign, so I’d be surprised if this wasn’t the case – though having said that, the character names found so far (Pritchard, McManus, Finch, Townsend, Edwards) don’t sound terribly diverse.

The leak also goes to the trouble of listing 37 weapons, and even delivers an in-depth look at the kind of dog-tags and Battlepack rewards await players.

That’s all the big info, but if you fancy hoovering up every nugget of knowledge you can check out the original Reddit post.

Battlefield 1 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21. You can expect a beta sometime before that, of course.