Tons Of Great Rockstar Games Discounted In New Steam Sale


It’s payday weekend for a lot of us, and Steam is looking to gobble up your funds with a brand new sale focusing on Rockstar Games.

As the name implies, the Rockstar Publisher Weekend only lasts until Monday September 26, but everything from Grand Theft Auto 5 to Bully has been visited by the discount fairy.


Highlights include Grand Theft Auto 5 at £26.79, Max Payne 3 for £5.24, and Bully for a meagre to £3.49 (that’s less than 50p more than a Tesco meal deal – bargain).

You can also grab L.A. Noire for either £6.99 or £7.49, depending whether or not you want to bother with the game’s DLC too.

Oh, and if you fancy some classic Grand Theft Auto action, this sale naturally has you covered. GTA 3, San Andreas, and Vice City are all less than a fiver.

Unfortunately there’s no sign of Red Dead Redemption (or Revolver). Maybe we can read into this that it somehow means Rockstar are busy working on the next instalment?

I’m not sure why or how that would even make sense, but it’s not for me to work out the details. Mine is to dream.

If nothing else, we can all use this sale to remember that Rockstar is one of the better developers out there – and then mourn the fact that their last full game was in 2013.