Tony Hawk’s 5 Trailer Drops, Is Splitting Fans Down The Middle


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The fifth instalment in the long running Tony Hawks Pro Skater franchise has been released and people aren’t quite sure how to feel about it.

Just to make you feel old as hell, the first Tony Hawks game came out 15 years ago in 1999. Unfortunately, the release trailer for the latest game in the series has been pissing fans off. Probably because it looks like it was made 16 years ago.

It’s clear what the coders were going for here – a throwback to the glory days when Bam Margera was a fresh-faced little scamp and Blink 182 were still legit not that bad. Retro graphics that will scream nostalgia. It doesn’t quite come off, however, and the physics look junky while the environments are bare to the bones. Character models move in strange ways and there’s a fancy dress box full of badly textured clothing.

I…is that you Tony?

This would probably be excusable if the game wasn’t set for release on September 29th. Of this year.

With huge competition in recent years from the Skate series, Tony Hawks has struggled to stay relevant. But we’re all hoping this needs to be played to be understood. Please get it right for Tony’s sake. For childhood’s sake.