Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Unused Mocap Released By Tony Hawk, Pro Skater

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 Sep 2019 11:28
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Unused Mocap Released By Tony Hawk, Pro SkaterTony Hawk's Pro Skater Unused Mocap Released By Tony Hawk, Pro SkaterActivision

Tony Hawk, the pro skater who you might know from the franchise Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has released some unused mocap of himself, Tony Hawk, doing some pro skating for the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater


In celebration of the first game turning 20 years old, Tony Hawk (the pro skater) decided to share an awesome behind the scenes clip in which he filmed a motion capture session for the game. It involved him donning a slick lycra outfit adorned with tracking balls, before grabbing his board and doing – you guessed it – some pro skating. What a pro skater.

Check it out below.

Unfortunately, Tony (Hawk, the Pro Skater) revealed that tight deadlines on the game meant that none of the motion capture he recorded during the session made it into the game. Still, he seems grateful to have had the opportunity to do a “bunch of hard tricks while wearing an embarrassing suit.” What a pro. What a pro skater.


The original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the three sequels it spawned are still regarded as stone cold classics by gamers everywhere. Regardless of whether or not you were into the skateboarding, the addictive combo mechanics, massive levels packed with secrets, and sublime soundtracks offered up the chance to waste away entire Saturday afternoons in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, the franchise kind of started to go off the rails before the godawful mess that was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 seemed to derail the digital exploits of Tony Hawk (pro skater) for good.

While there’s been no real news regarding a brand new Tony Hawk’s game to speak of, there have been rumblings that Activision is planning to remaster the original two PlayStation games (which, in my humble opinion remain the best).


The publisher recently teased more remakes and remasters following the success of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Crash Team Racing, leading many to believe/hope that the first two Tony Hawk’s games are surely being considered for a new lease on life.

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