Traits Disabled In The Division After Server Downtime


The Division servers were offline for a bit over the weekend, and it looks like Ubisoft used that downtime to implement a few changes to the game.

The most noticeable tweak is that Ubisoft have disabled Trained Talent, as it could give an unfair advantage to certain players.

Ubisoft wrote in the patch notes:

Disabled “Trained Talent” as it could give an unfair advantage in end-game content and in the Dark Zone. Note: this Talent will still be visible on weapons but will have no effect until a further update where it will be replaced on existing weapons.

Apparently, it was quickly becoming pretty easy with the right combination of skills and weapons to waltz into the Dark Zone for PvP with Trained Talent and wipe everybody out. A real shame for anyone who started to rely on that, then. Great times for everyone else.

There was also some general balancing of experience, gain, and drop rates for items and currency. Order has been restored to the world of The Division… for now.