Two Great Steam Games Available For Free This Weekend


3101783-arkSteam wants you to stay indoors – that’s why it’s hosting a free weekend for two genuinely great games, both of which are also on sale.

Rainbow Six Siege and Ark: Survival Evolved are both available to download and play in their entirety with no restrictions until Sunday at 9pm (UK time).

If you get a taste for either title, both will then be on sale until Monday 6pm, reduced by a generous 50 percent, with Ark at £11.49 and Rainbow Six at £14.99 – don’t say Steam never did anything nice for you.

To play either game, all you need is a Steam account and a ‘can-do’ attitude. The former is a definite requirement, the latter is just courtesy really.

Anyway, you can then grab Ark from here, and Rainbow Six from here. Only if you want to, obviously. I’m not in the business of telling you how to live your life.

Rainbow Six Siege is also available for free on Xbox One this weekend, so you can enjoy a weekend full of dinosaurs and terrorists.

Unfortunately we’ve still yet to see a game that throws us into battle with terrorist dinosaurs, but maybe if I play both at the same time I’ll come close to the experience I’m craving.

Two great games, and only one weekend in which to enjoy them – will you attempt to sweat one, or give a modest amount of time to both? Decisions…