Ubisoft CEO Speaks Out On The Future Of Console Gaming

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Poor consoles, nobody seems to fancy them to last more than a few years, and the latest person to kick them in the teeth is Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot. The git.

According to our man during a recent earnings call, he thinks consoles’ shelf-life is limited, and that streaming games will become the norm in the not too distant future. Despite this, he is still hopeful for another generation of consoles before they shuffle off to the technology retirement home.

He said:

Now on the console side, we expect there will be new consoles that are going to make this market continue to grow and we feel it’s… we’ll still have another generation of consoles before we have new types of consoles coming to the market.

We believe in streaming – it demands lots of bandwidth. We think it’s going to grow but today, with the types of games we have, it will still take a bit of time to be more popular.

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He was also asked about what exactly is going on with the rumoured Playstation 4.5 and Xbox 1.5, but he’s acting pretty chill about the whole thing.

He continued:

For the new consoles, there’s nothing official on that so my expectation is we will have another cycle of consoles before we go to streaming.


So there you have it, the big guns are starting to predict some sort of dystopian future, with a Skynet style streaming service and its iron-fisted grasp over our petty gaming lives. The future’s bright, folks!