Ubisoft Have Revealed Their Plans For The Division Post-Launch


Even though most of us have only just started getting stuck in to the Beta (or are scrabbling around like maniacs trying to find a code), Ubisoft are already looking to the future of Tom Clancy’s The Division, by sharing their post launch plans and shedding some light on the DLC to come, both paid and free.

We don’t have anything quite as detailed as a release schedule for these updates, but there’s still an extensive list of what we’ll be able to get our hands on, especially considering the game doesn’t properly launch till March.

Let’s start with the Season Pass, which is currently only available with the Gold Edition (£74.99) or the Collector’s Edition (£119.99). Anyone with either bundle will get access to three special expansions.

The first, called Underground, allows players to explore new territory in a post-epidemic NYC Underworld. Survival is the second expansion, and promises to offer up a serious challenge to even the most seasoned of Division players.

The third and final expansion is the most mysterious at this time. All we know is that it’s called The Last Stand. Fitting. Each of the three expansions will be released over the course of 2016.

Season Pass holders will also get access to some launch day goodies, including a pack of outfits and weapons skins, and monthly perks in the form of exclusive content drops and events.

If you didn’t get yourself a Season Pass, there’s no need to curse the Gods just yet. Ubisoft have assured everyone that there will be regular free updates, which include all new game modes. No details on any of these yet, apart from one untitled co-op mode in which players will have to work together to win unique rewards.

There’s still no word on when Brooklyn will be added to the Division’s map (Ubisoft confirmed earlier in the month that it wouldn’t be there at launch), but we can hope it’ll be along a few months down the line as part of an update.