Ubisoft Hint At Changes To The Division’s Open World



Ubisoft are reportedly planning to make a few adjustments to The Division’s PvE (Player versus Environment) New York open world area.

During a Twitch stream earlier in the week, Community Developer Hamish Bode was asked by one of the viewers if there were any plans “to ‘reinvigorate’ the PvE area,”.

It turns out there are indeed. Bode didn’t go into any specifics, but he revealed that the team absolutely have plans to make changes to The Division’s open world. The sooner the better, really.

Obviously, this is awesome news for anyone getting tired of being killed by all the cheaters out there in the PvP Dark Zone area. The Division is pretty great, but stalking the abandoned streets of New York City just don’t hold much allure after a while.

Still, there is a chance that Bode could simply be referring to unreleased DLC, rather than any kind of free update. For example, June’s Underground expansion will likely extend the open world.

Hopefully though, Ubisoft do have something up their sleeve to keep the game viable for everyone. We all love a bit of friendly co-op out in sunny NY. Shooting rioters in the head is a great way to bond with strangers, though probably not in real life.