Ubisoft Promise Harsh Punishments To People Cheating In The Division

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Apr 2016 09:47

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Ubisoft are introducing a big update to The Division on April 12, and they’re bringing with it an uncompromising new stance on anyone who thinks cheating is a good idea.


A new player reporting system will be integrated into the game with the update, and that allows users to let Ubisoft know whenever someone’s cheating/generally being a bit of a dickhead.

Ubisoft have now outlined what they intend to do with these offenders.


During a recent State of the Game presentation, Ubisoft’s Yannick Banchereau warned that cheaters will face a three-day suspension for their first offense.


Fair enough. However, get caught cheating a second time and you could be looking at permanent ban from the game.

Banchereau thanked fans for their vigilance so far, but did also mention that some reports of “cheating” are from players who don’t seem to understand the level gap between them and someone else.

You might be so naff at The Division that a higher level character can seem like cheating to you, but that often isn’t the case.

Banchereau said:

I don’t want to diminish the situation or say you guys are wrong, that isn’t what I mean.

I just want to say when you’re reporting cheaters and then you see us not taking action against the guy, it could be because the guy was actually not cheating.

When The Division’s new patch arrives on April 12, PC players can type /report in the chat to flag an account for Ubisoft to investigate.


This feature has only been announced for the PC so far, but to be fair that’s probably where most of the cheating is. PC gamers were finding ways to exploit The Division as early as the beta.

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