Ubisoft Release Images Of The Division’s First Raid


Ubisoft has shared a pair of images from Falcon Lost, The Division’s first Incursion (essentially a raid) that will be available in the online shooter from next week. 

Falcon Lost is an end game mission that works much in the same way as Destiny’s raids. They’re high-level missions that require a good deal of teamwork in order to complete.

Because after all, the one type of ship that can never be sunk – is a friendship. Sorry. Take a look at the new images below.

If you don’t have any friends, you can use matchmaking to get teammates, but however you assemble your Avengers, there are no checkpoints. If your team fucks up, you start over. Harsh.

You’ll need to be in possession of roughly level 31 gear to be capable to take on the challenge without embarrassing yourself. There’s also a higher difficulty mode that Ubisoft recommend only for the super hardcore out there.

There’s a special weekly reward for completing an Incursion, but they can still be replayed as much as you want to nab other rewards. Of course, you’re only entitled to the special weekly reward after the first time you complete the Incursion, but the weekly reward can still be earned for each of your characters.

The Division’s April update (and subsequent Incursion) arrives on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Another free update for The Division is coming in May that delivers an Incursion set in Columbus Circle.