Ubisoft Show Off Far Cry Primal Trailer And Gameplay Walkthrough


Ubisoft have dropped a mother-load of information about upcoming stone-age FPS (first person spearer) Far Cry Primal.

First announced back in October, Ubisoft have been radio-silent on the title until now. Showing the brand new trailer at the VGAs, we can see that Far Cry Primal is going to have a heavy emphasis on taming bad-ass wild animals to maul your enemies for you. There’s even a part where the game’s main character, Takkar, appears to be riding an animal into battle. Sweet.

Ubisoft also released a gameplay walkthrough for Far Cry Primal, showing off some of the game’s key features.

Far Cry Primal is set for release on February 23, 2016 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, while Pc users will have to wait a week until March 1.