Ubisoft Threatens To Punish Players Who Use Popular Exploit In The Division


The Division received a big April update last week, bringing along the first raid-like Incursion event. Naturally, it wasn’t long before players found a way to exploit the new content for extra rewards.

As you can imagine, Ubisoft ain’t happy. The Incursion (called Falcon Lost) is designed to drip feed its rewards to players once a week. Ubisoft had intended this as a regular activity so that everyone can reach the game’s level cap in a fair and steady way.

It’s less than a week later, and players have already found a way to run Falcon Lost and reap the rewards over and over without waiting the obligatory seven days.

Performing the glitch sees players using the game’s portable cover skill to slide through a wall. This skips most of the Incursion’s boss battle – but still grants you that sweet, sweet loot. This also hoodwinks the game into thinking you haven’t grabbed the loot yet, so you can do it over and over again.

Of course, anyone who’s made use of this cheat is now miles ahead while good, honest players are stuck lagging. People are pissed, so Ubisoft are apparently looking in to the problem.

It remains to be seen exactly what Ubisoft are planning to do, but they had previously threatened to throw down permanent bans to players who were caught cheating. Obviously they can’t permaban everyone who did this, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they do next.