Ubisoft To Roll Out Update For The Division Next Week


The Division is still enjoying its first fine flush of youth, but Ubisoft are already planning an update for the open world shooter as soon as next week. 

Ubisoft remain tight lipped about what’s actually coming in the update, but we know that they’ve previously talked about further tweaking the PvP Dark Zone area, so expect a few changes of that kind.

In their latest State of the Game blog post, Ubisoft said:

The game may have just released but we already have a new update for you to dive into! This will be in your hands next week and fear not, more information about it will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes peeled. The roadmap ahead is super exciting and this is only the beginning.

As previously announced, there are two major free updates coming to The Division in April and May, and three paid expansions coming throughout the rest of the year.

Ubisoft also did a cheeky bit of tweaking last week, when they used server downtime to adjust Dark Zone balancing and disable the Trained Talent perk, which some were using to obliterate less experienced players.

Dark Zone balancing is a top priority for Ubisoft at the moment, and no doubt they’ll be monitoring the player combat zone and addressing issues as and when they arise.