Ubisoft’s Rumoured New Game Is Real, Here’s What We Know



You may recall that the other day, an intriguing Easter egg was found tucked away in Watch Dogs 2 that seemed to tease an entirely new Ubisoft title. 

A ‘trailer’ for a new Ubisoft game was part of a mission in their most recent hacker adventure, and while some suggested it was simply a project in the world of Watch Dogs 2, others believed the company were hinting at something larger.

Check it out below.

Now, a new report from Kotaku suggests that this mysterious game is actually real, and is called Pioneer- however, it seems this new game won’t have an easy path to release.

Two sources tell Kotaku that Pioneer is a space exploration game, and was – at least at some point – intended to be shown off in 2017. Indeed, in Watch Dogs 2 we can see that the game is to be shown at E3.

As it turns out though, the game is now being ‘retooled’. Apparently a number of lead developers on the project have recently been replaced, leaving Pioneer in something of an unknown position in terms of release and announcements.

While you might find it odd that in spite of these changes, Ubisoft still went ahead and decided to leave such a big tease for the game in Watch Dogs 2, it turns out this was done before Pioneer went through its reported upheaval.


Ubisoft decline to comment on rumours or speculation, so we’ll just to have to keep our eyes and ears open for any more signs of Pioneer.