UK Poll Has Found The Country’s Favourite Starter Pokemon


Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? It’s an age old debate that has shook playgrounds, workplaces, and pubs since the original Pokemon games launched back in 1996. 

Each critter provides its own unique advantages, and each has its weaknesses – but we live in a world where lines in the sand must be drawn on a daily basis, and so it is that we can only back one starter Pokemon as The Very Best Of Them All.


Thankfully, a YouGuv poll has been conducted to find out which gen 1 starter Pokemon is the favourite in the UK, and the results might just surprise you.

Then again, they might not. Because it’s Charmander. Who could have possibly seen that coming? It’s probably just because it evolves into Charizard, which is… fair enough actually.

Yep, the fiery orange lizard child effortlessly beat out wet turtle and cabbage kid to take the top spot, with 47% of the vote. Some would argue that’s grounds for a second vote.

Squirtle came in second place with 35%, while Bulbasaur managed a measly 18%. We still love you here at UNILAD, Bulbasaur, you whimsical leafy lad.


In other Pokemon news, the eighth generation of core games was recently announced. Pokemon Sword and Shield will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019, and will take place in a UK inspired region called Galar.

The three new starter Pokemon are pretty cute, too. There’s Grookey; is a grass type, and a cheeky little monkey by the looks of it. Scorbunny is our fire type and is (obviously) a bunny, while the water type is a funny lil’ critter called Sobble.

If I’m being honest, they’re not really a patch on the original starters, but I’m not sure the OG three have ever really been topped.


Who’s your favourite starter Pokemon? I don’t actually care that much, but feel free to tell your mates, and check out our definitive (definitely not definitive) ranking of the original 151 monsters.