UK Videogame Industry Reacts to Brexit


I dunno if you’ve heard, but the UK has voted to leave the European Union

The referendum closed with 52 percent of the votes in favour of ending membership in the EU and 48 percent in favour of remaining part of it.

Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985, and nobody seems entirely sure what’s gonna happen next – good or bad.


The UK videogame industry has now responded to the outcome, with trade body UKIE claiming that the decision has resulted in some uncertainty for the industry.

Of course, it assured everyone that it will still work to ensure that the UK “is the best place in the world to make and sell games.”

UKIE chief executive Jo Twist said:

Although this decision and the political uncertainty it brings will have an impact on our businesses it is important to remember that we are already a globally successful sector and a leading exporter in digital economy. UKIE will continue to work hard with colleagues in government to ensure we continue to have the best possible business environment and we will be following developments closely, as well as advising members as they unfold.

UKIE’s members includes a range of developers, publishers, retailers, and Universities – prior to the outcome, they all backed remaining in the EU.

Rebellion, the British developer behind the Sniper Elite series remains optimistic that the industry will stay strong:

The UK video games development sector is an export focused industry that sells content all over the globe. We have a highly skilled workforce, a creative and growing studio population, and a heritage of 30 years of success. While uncertainty is unwelcome for business, the UK video games industry will remain strong, resilient, and competitive.

Whatever your opinion on the EU referendum and its outcome, let’s all hope the country, economy, and the sweet, sweet game industry manage to withstand the coming challenges.