Uncharted 4 Apparently Had A Massive Set Piece Cut


Who’s ready for Uncharted 4? Of course you are, it looks absolutely glorious. Still, the game isn’t even out yet and already we’re being teased by what might have been.

Troy Baker, the actor who voices Nathan’s long lost brother Sam Drake in the game, told GamersFTW in an interview that a big set piece was actually cut from Uncharted 4 in order to get it out on time.

Baker explained:

Games are a very iterative process, and the same thing can be said for pretty much every game that comes out. There was a huge set piece in Uncharted 4 that I was massively in love with, that had to get cut. Because it was either the game shipped broken and that scene is in there, or we put out a better game and that scene isn’t there. No one will ever miss what they didn’t know.

Except now we do kind of know, Troy – so are we allowed to kind of miss it? Stuff getting cut from games is hardly new, anyway. If it didn’t work for whatever reason, then it probably should have been cut out.

This is Naughty Dog after all, the guys who made The Last of Us. I think we’re probably safe to trust their judgement.

You can check out the full interview with Troy Baker below. It’s super interesting, and he covers everything from working on Metal Gear Solid V to the murky morality of the characters in The Last of Us. 

There’s even a botched attempt at a Christopher Walken impression at the end for your troubles.

Uncharted 4 comes exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on May 10, and marks the end of Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting adventures.