Uncharted 4 Being Shipped And Sold Two Weeks Before Launch


Good old England. It appears that here in the sunny UK, retailers have broken the street date for Naughty Dog’s hugely anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 

Reports are beginning to emerge of customers who have either spotted copies of the game out in the wild, or have had confirmation that their pre-orders are already being shipped to them.

VideoGamer.com spoke with one lucky sod who picked up A Thief’s End from a CEX store this week. After noticing the game was on sale he picked up a copy (why wouldn’t you?). He says he’s played the first two chapters of the campaign and the game is “running fine”.

ThisGenGaming.com also claim that Amazon is sending out copies early, while pictures of the game seem to be emerging on Twitter too. Take a look at the evidence below.


I can’t imagine Naughty Dog are gonna be at all happy about this. Considering that Uncharted 4 is set to end the series with a bang, there are bound to be all kinds of dramatic twists and turns that are gonna be that much harder for us to avoid if some people already have the game.

Two weeks. Two weeks we’re gonna have to keep our heads down and desperately avoid spoilers from potentially every direction. Fuck.

Assuming you don’t pick up Uncharted 4 till the actual May 10 release date, you guys stay safe out there. The internet just became a much more dangerous place for Uncharted fans.