Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director, Sony Seeking Replacement

Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director, Sony Seeking ReplacementShutterstock / Naughty Dog

The upcoming and long anticipated Uncharted movie has reportedly lost its director, amid growing concerns it might never get made.

Poor Tom Holland can’t catch a break this week, as news emerges that director Dan Trachtenberg will no longer helm Sony’s Uncharted movie, set to star the British actor.

As reported by Deadline, Sony confirmed the directors’ departure on Thursday, and are in talks with other “top filmmakers”, with a view to having somebody in place by the end of summer and for production to start as early as next year.

There’s no news as to exactly why the director is leaving production of the film, but Sony have said that Trachtenberg is still a “valued” director at the company. So, yeah none the wiser there.

Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director, Sony Seeking ReplacementErik Pendzich/Shutterstock

In rather more promising news, Sony did also confirm that the Uncharted movie is being worked on by PlayStation Productions who will help with production alongside Chuck Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner and Ari Arad, so gamers can be somewhat reassured that it is at least being worked on by people who know the franchise.

Fans of 10 Cloverfield Lane will be familiar with Trachtenberg, who directed the critically acclaimed movie, as well as helming the pilot of The Boys.

Tom Holland is still attached to the movie despite the recent news that Sony have opted to pull Spider-Man out of the MCU, over a difference of opinion with Disney, which I guess could damage the relationship between Holland and Sony? Who knows.

Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director, Sony Seeking ReplacementMarvel Studios

Either way, the Uncharted movie will focus on a young Nathan Drake, exploring some of his exploits before the juggernaut franchise kicks off. Sadly no confirmation if Nolan North, the actor for the original Nathan Drake, will be involved in some way.