Uncharted Movie Still Happening With New Director Attached


Sony’s Uncharted movie has languished in development hell ever since it was announced back in 2009 – and now the project has yet another new director. 

The latest director to sign up is none other than Shawn Levy, who directed a few episodes of the excellent Netflix series Stranger Things, as well some family friendly flicks such as Night at the Museum and Cheaper by the Dozen. 

Deadline reports that in addition to Levy coming on-board, the project has now also been fast-tracked. At the current rate this movie has moved along, that probably means we’ll get it some time in 2022.

Joe Carnahan – the man behind the upcoming Bad Boys sequel – wrote the most recent draft of the Uncharted screenplay, which apparently has a fantastic ‘action heavy’ opening act.

Producing duties will be taken on by Charles Roven (The Dark Knight), Avi Arad (Iron Man), and Alex Gartner (Warcraft), while we still have no idea on exactly who will be playing our daring treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, or any clue on the rest of the cast for that matter.

Frankly, as long as Tom Hanks plays Sully, I think the Uncharted movie should be just fine.

Levy most recently helmed The Arrival, which stars Amy Adams (Man of Steel) and Jeremy Renner (The Avengers). Come to think of it, that pair wouldn’t make a bad Nathan and Elena…

The current release window for the Uncharted movie is 2017, but don’t hold your breath.