Upcoming Apex Legends Heroes Leaked In Huge Datamine


Dataminers have once again snuck through the files of Respawn’s popular free to play battle royale Apex Legends and come out with things Respawn almost definitely didn’t want us to see. 

Just recently, dataminers uncovered evidence of a new night mode, a couple of new weapons, and the inclusion of NPCs, but this new leak could be the biggest one we’ve seen so far from the game.

A dataminer by the name of Shrugtal on Twitter recently shared a smorgasbord of new findings, the most prominent of which looks like actual assets for a number of new legends (playable characters).

Among these assets is a 3D icon for a character who looks an awful lot like Octane, a legend that has been hinted at a few times now. One other leaker actually seems pretty confident that Octane will be added to the game in a matter of days.

Shrugtal shared what appeared to be some kind of character select screen on Twitter, and a user known as FrozenFroh then decided to compile all of these models and speculate over who could be who based on previously datamined names.

Check ’em all out below:

Wattson has appeared in data for Apex Legends before, and is widely believed to be the wielder of the Tesla Trap weapon which was also uncovered in this most recent datamine. It certainly makes sense based on the name.

There’s nothing super concrete to connect the names to the other leaked characters, other than assumptions based on logic. It seems a safe bet, for example, that Rampart is the beefy dude with the big old shield, but Respawn could surprise us all.

It’s also been pointed out by people much smarter than me that Husaria could reference Hussars, a group of Polish cavalry that wore wings on their backs. The metal attachment behind the character believed to be Husaria does certainly look like some kind of metal wing.


While it was no secret that Apex Legends would be getting new playable characters eventually, it’s very cool to get an early glimpse at these newcomers and start debating over what they can bring to the game and which new weapons will get nerfed the hardest.

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