Upcoming Horror Game ‘Until Dawn’ Gets Live Action Interactive Trailer


The interactive trailer is the flavour of the month, with PS4 exclusive Until Dawn jumping firmly on the bandwagon.  

Not to be outdone by Avalanche Studios’ love of the medium – they have interactive trailers coming out of their ears for Just Cause 3 and Mad Max – Sony have entered the ring with the live action Until Dawn trailer.

Until Dawn is the long-awaited horror IP for the PlayStation 4 that plays heavily on the fact that your decision is final, and that anyone can die – no backsies. With its teen-slasher-flick storyline, the game will save after every minor decision so you can’t leave your metaphorical thumb in the page when you fuck everything up.

The trailer is from a Youtube mini-series called ‘Choices’ Sony made in conjunction with MoFilm, to promote the idea that every action will have a consequence. The three choices have wildly different outcomes, so be sure to check them all, though it’s also worth noting the trailer is only interactive on desktops.

Another trailer being run in partnership with American video game retailers GameStop has been uploaded which, for my money, demonstrates the multiple-paths angle a lot better.

Until Dawn will release exclusively for Playstation 4 on August 25, having previously been planned for the PS3 with Playstation Move support.