Upcoming Resident Evil Game Features Four-Player Co-Op, According To Leak

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Upcoming Resident Evil Game Features Four-Player Co-Op, According To LeakCapcom

Project Resistance, the upcoming Resident Evil title that was recently teased by Capcom, will be a four-player co-op experience according to new reports.

Capcom started teasing Project Resistance here earlier today, promising a full reveal at the Tokyo Game Show on September 9. The way the text is stylised heavily implies that the mystery game is a Resident Evil project of some kind, which also tallies with reports from earlier in the month that Capcom had invited Resident Evil fans to playtest the new game in secret.


But while we could safely assume that Project Resistance is Resident Evil title, it was unclear exactly what kind of game it would be. Those who were hoping to see Resident Evil 3 Remake or Resident Evil 8 in action for the first time might have to temper their expectations, as leaked screenshots via Project Resistance’s upcoming YouTube trailer strongly suggest that multiplayer plays a key role.

In the leaked images, we can clearly see multiple unknown characters who look to be working together to fight off some unseen threat. These images alone wouldn’t be enough to assume that Project Resistance is a multiplayer game, but they corroborate claims made industry insider AllGamesDelta, who suggested on Twitter that Project Resistance is “Four person multiplayer/co-op survival horror.”

Adding further fuel to these reports, multiple sources have noted that the webpage for Resident Evil Outbreak has been completely wiped, which is also what happened to the Resident Evil 2 webpage right before the remake was announced.


New Resident Evil Teased By Capcom, Full Reveal Coming Next Month

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Released way back when for the PlayStation 2, Resident Evil Outbreak was an online multiplayer survival in which various survivors worked together and used their different skills and abilities to get out alive. It was praised for its ideas at the time, and certainly has its fans, but the technological limitations of the time meant that it simply didn’t sell all that well.

Given that online functionality for consoles has come a long way since the days of the PS2 (unless you’re Nintendo), it could just be that Capcom has decided to revive the Outbreak series for another whirl. It could also simply be that Project Resistance is its own thing, and simply borrows similar concepts from Outbreak.

We won’t know for sure until September 9, but all signs point towards a multiplayer spinoff rather than the Resident Evil 8/3 Remake reveal I know a lot of people are hoping for.


Just as long as Project Resistance isn’t a sequel to Operation Raccoon City, that’s all I care about.

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