US Congressman Spends A Ton Of Campaign Money On Steam Games


Congressman Duncan Hunter likes videogames, apparently. He likes them so much, that he’s currently being questioned by the Federal Election Commission after it was discovered he’d used campaign funds to pay for Steam games on 68 separate occasions. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune report, Hunter’s campaign credit card spent $1302 (around £923) on games from Steam last year. He’d noted that they were a personal expense to be paid back – but the problem is he hasn’t actually done that yet. Take a look at the charges below.

Hunter blames his son for the purchases, claiming that he’d used the card to buy one game and that several “unauthorized charges” went through after the Congressman tried to close access to the website.

If you fancy an evening of unadulterated thrills, you can check out the FEC’s letter on the matter here. It shows that a lot more than one game was purchased (67 more, in fact) over a two month period.

As it turns out, Hunter has a bit of a history of getting up to mischief unbecoming of a Congressman. He recently vaped away during a Congressional hearing – while the Transport Committee was discussing an amendment that would ban vaping on a plane. Wow.