Use For Resident Evil 7 Mystery Item Revealed


Earlier in the month, details leaked of some of the preorder bonuses we can expect to get our hands on for the upcoming Resident Evil 7.

In truth, none of these bonuses seemed all that interesting – based on what we saw, all these packs contained were certain items (such as herbs and ammo), presumably to make the adventure a little easier.

However, one of the most interesting elements of these four packs is that each seemed to contain a mysterious coin, the purposes of which were unclear – until now.


Thanks to further details being posted on the Xbox Store, we can now surmise that these coins provide some kind of stat boosts to the player.

At least, this is according to the description for the Recovery Set (which contains herbs and first aid).

The description reads: 

Includes the following:

– Supply Box containing: Herbs, a First Aid Med and a Strong First Aid Med Use the Supply Box item to add the contents to your inventory. The box can only be used once.

– Defense Coin: Keep this in your inventory to get a slight defense boost.

– Madhouse difficulty level unlock: Unlocks the insanely difficult Madhouse mode, which normally only becomes available after completing the game.

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There are three other sets in the Survival Pack; the Handgun Set, Burner Set, and Chem Fluid Set. These sets all come with their own coins, and they’ll presumably provide boosts to different stats.

It’s also interesting to note that beyond the coin and supply box, the Recovery Set unlocks a higher difficulty. Perhaps each individual set will gran us access to something similar?

It’ll be cool to see just how much of a role certain stats play in Resident Evil 7 – we’ll find out when the game comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017.