Valve Have Just Fixed This 10 Year Old Bug In Team Fortress 2


Valve have finally managed to squash a Team Fortress 2 bug that has been plaguing players for a decade. 

The bug basically effected accuracy, which isn’t exactly ideal for a game all about shooting each other in the face. Seems pretty weird that it took Valve so long to sort it, really.

For a better understanding of said bug, you can check it out in action below:

Obviously Team Fortress 2 doesn’t have a constant accuracy problem, but this bug made it so that joining a server as a certain class, then switching to a different class would mess with your animations and hitbox.

The pesky glitch has apparently been around since Team Fortress launched back in 2007, where it’s remained living a life of luxury for ten whole years.

That is, until Valve’s most recent patch notes revealed:

Fixed an animation bug that would cause the client and server hitboxes to become out of sync.

As it turns out, there were plenty of players who weren’t even aware of the bug. Instead whenever they missed, they’d put it down to bad luck or a single, anomalous instance.


The good news now of course, is that next time you’re playing Team Fortress 2 with your chums, you only have yourself to blame for being shit. Yay, right?