Video Game With The Highest Swearing Players Is Revealed

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Sep 2021 15:25
Video Game With The Highest Swearing Players Is RevealedElectronic Arts/Rockstar

The video games with the highest number of swearing players has been revealed, and those ranked at the top of the list may well surprise you.

The team at Buzz Bingo put their heads together to compile a list of the 15 top sweariest video games, calculating the average number of curse words per minute.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Ubisoft)Ubisoft

At number one was tactical shooter game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, with players using foul language an average of 146 times for every 15 minutes worth of gameplay. This adds up to a very blue 584 expletives every hour, or one swear word every seven seconds.

FIFA 21 came in at a close second, with potty mouthed gamers averaging 138 swears every 15 minutes. Over the course of one hour’s worth of gameplay, this adds up to an ear-singeing 552 swear words.

In third place was Call Of Duty: Warzone, with players turning the air blue every seven seconds on average, adding up to a total of 484 expletives per hour. Halo MCC and Grand Theft Auto V followed in fourth and fifth place, clocking up 436 and 428 expletives per hour, respectively.


In order to compile these interesting stats, the Buzz Bingo team studied 25 hours of Twitch streams and YouTube gaming broadcasts, recording their findings.

Buzz Bingo said:

We watched a total of 100 Twitch and YouTube Gaming streams for the most popular games in August 2021 and newly released titles.

Watching each stream for 15 minutes, we took note of every expletive uttered to collect the required data for analysis.

Every expletive uttered by each streamer was recorded against the game they were playing, and we calculated the mean average based on all expletives used by all gamers.

FIFA 21 (EA Sports)EA Sports

Individual games aside, in terms of consoles, PC gamers were found to be the most toxic when it came to voice chat, averaging 380 swears per hour of gameplay.

This was closely followed by Xbox players, who racked up an average of 368 swears per hour, the equivalent of 6.1 swears per minute. PlayStation gamers were a little more polite, averaging ‘just’ 332 swears per hour.

In terms of streamers, Félix Lengyel – best known to fans as xQc – was found to be the most ‘sweary streamer’, averaging 77 curse words every 15 minutes, and 308 expletives per hour.

Interestingly, one of the best-known streamers PewDiePie was hailed as the ‘cleanest gaming streamer’, dropping just 12 swear words every 15 minutes of gameplay, or once every 75 seconds.


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