Visage: Kickstarter Horror That Follows P.T’s Legacy


It’s fair to say that P.T and the cancellation of Silent Hills has left a hole in many a heart. You need only look at the likes of Allison Road and Layers of Fear (out this month) to see that gamers most definitely want horror games that fuck with their brains. 

Enter Visage, a new first person horror game set in an old house where terrible things have happened.

Now on Kickstarter, the aim of Visage is to make you afraid of everything. You explore the house, trying to discover what creepy shit went down there, all the while, you’re being stalked by something. Something evil, we’ll bet.

Developers SadSquare Studio want to create terror through the environments and atmosphere. They want to crawl inside your head and stay there. Visage aims to let you create your own experience.

You can explore the house at your own pace, search through drawers, turn lights on and off, and even open doors at your own speed. Cue a thousand Let’s Plays of gamers sprinting down corridors screaming.

The creators of Visage are after roughly £30,000 ($43,000) in funding to get the game finished in hopes of a January 2017 release on Steam. Let’s hope they get what they need, because it looks like a great experience.