We Aged Up Video Game Characters In FaceApp So You Don’t Have To

CD Projekt RED/Sony Santa Monica

Every now and again, a photo app like Snapchat, Instagram, or FaceApp will release a new filter or feature that allows us to twist our appearances for the purposes of poops and giggles. 

These days you can use such tools to do all manner of things to your face, and it’s a welcome distraction from the ills of the world. Society as we know it might be slowly crumbling away like wet cake, but at least I can throw on some cat ears and make my eyes sparkle like an anime character. At least there’s that.

Naughty Dog

The latest viral craze to spring from FaceApp shows users what they might look like 50 years in the future, assuming we aren’t all killed in a nuclear war, or invaded by the aliens that get released from Area 51, or manage to destroy the planet in some other way in that time.

Given that there’s clearly no point in trying to resist our new FaceApp overlords, I decided to see what some of gaming’s most well-known faces would look like aged up, because “older” doesn’t seem to be a suitable answer anymore.

Let’s start with Atreus from God of War, because he looks like the kind of 67 year old bloke you still in the mosh pits at local punk shows who loses his mind when the band covers anything by Misfits, and I’m into that.

Sony Santa Monica

Next up we have old man Michael from GTA V, who looks like a cross between Bradley Walsh and David Bradley. He’s followed by his old (emphasis on old) friends, Trevor and Franklin. The latter, it has to be said, is keeping it pretty tight. Trevor on the other hand, looks like he gave up on making it to the bathroom as soon as he turned 45.

Rockstar Games

Following the above triumvirate of senior criminals, we have Nathan Drake, who has aged like a particularly fine wine. I’d call him grandaddy any day, if you catch my drift.

Naughty Dog

Speaking of silver foxes, Geralt is no longer one in the future, apparently. I’m assuming Yennefer has long since packed an “overnight” bag to go stay at her mums.

CD Projekt RED

Old Lara Croft looks like a cool great aunt that always goes on long adventures and always smells of those funny cigarettes she smokes at Christmas.

Square Enix

I realise I have no way of proving this, but please believe when I say aged-up Max from Life is Strange looks exactly like the teacher I had back when I was in year two. She sent me out once because my friend burped- true story. Still reeling at the injustice of it.

Square Enix

We saw Ellie as a kid in the first The Last of Us, and Part 2 will have us play as a slightly older version of the character. Is the below a glimpse at Ellie in The Last of Us Part 4? I like to think so.

Naughty Dog

Finally, this is what Arthur Morgan would’ve looked like if he’d actually made it out of America and managed to live to an old age instead of being hunted like a dog before dying a tragic, inevitable death.

Rockstar Games

Thought I’d save the happiest one for last. You’re welcome.

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