We Could See A Red Dead 3 Trailer Sooner Than We Think



It’s been a roller coaster week for Red Dead fans, and it looks like there might be more to come.

After releasing a duo of teasing images for the game on social media, Rockstar could be set to give fans a trailer for the hotly anticipated game as early as Thursday.


The claim gets it’s validity after the supposed leak of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map early this year via image forum NeoGAF. The map was then confirmed by news site TechRadar.

At the time they said this:

A source close to the development of the new Red Dead game has now confirmed to us that the map is indeed the real deal, revealing that this is a “very recent” art direction map for the upcoming title.

Now, ex-TechRadar writer Hugh Langley has tweeted when he believes the trailer will drop.

With all this hype around the game, it’s important to take a step back and approach this news with a pinch of salt. RockStar haven’t even officially announced the game at this point, let alone set a trailer release date in place.

Still, it’s widely believed that the reveal was originally meant for E3 but got cancelled for unknown reasons. If they are indeed ramping up to a trailer release, its’s for sure going to set the gaming world on fire. Yee-haw.