Weirdest Resident Evil 2 Mod Yet Puts Mr X In A Skimpy Thong

by : Ewan Moore on : 21 Feb 2019 10:09

We’ve seen all manner of mods hit the PC version of the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake at this point. Ones that range from cool, to just kind of odd. 

We’ve had characters from Dino Crisis show up, we’ve seen X Gon’ Give It To Ya put in the game to accompany the terrifying Mr X chases, and we’ve even seen Leon and Claire in the buff.


The latest mod to hit the survival horror remake is perhaps the strangest and most unsettling of all, as it takes the persistent mutant monster Mr X, removes his trench coat, and puts him in a very skimpy thong.


I’ll be honest with you, it’s now my headcanon that Mr X was always wearing this saucy undergarment underneath his trench coat the entire time. We just never bothered to ask him what underwear he had on.

Oh, and check out the Umbrella logo on it. That’s some very on brand evil underwear. While your eyes will understandably be drawn to the genital area, do make sure to drink in Mr X’s new shades and flip flip combo – that’s a hell of a look.


The fantastically named Beach Boy X mod can be downloaded right here, with installation instructions tucked away within. Meanwhile, check out the mod in action below.

Next time you boot up Resident Evil 2 on PC, why not give the Beach mod a whirl and combine it with X Gon’ Give It Ya mod? You’d think it’d make Mr X slightly less horrifying, but it really doesn’t.

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